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Michigan Printer Repair is Hewlett Packard certified repair specializing in walk-in or onsite repair for HP LaserJet 4250n and 4350n  printer repair and maintenance service in Michigan. Every Hewlett Packard Laser Jet 4250 and 4350 printer repair service includes a free multi point cleaning by HP Authorized technician with 3 month warranty on parts and labor Michigan Printer Repair can help.

Used hp Laserjet 4350n Printer

hp Laserjet 4350n Specs 

Print speed, black (best quality mode) Up to 55 ppm
First page out, black Less than 8 sec
Processor speed 460 MHz
Recommended monthly volume, maximum 250000
Paper trays, std. 2
Paper trays, max. 5
Input capacity, std. Up to 600
Input capacity, max. Up to 3100
Standard envelope capacity Up to 10
Envelope feeder Optional, 75
Output capacity, std. Up to 300 (250 face down, 50 face up)
Output capacity, max. Up to 800
Duplex printing (printing on both sides of paper) Optional (with the purchase of an automatic duplex unit)
Media sizes, std. Letter, legal, executive, statement, envelopes (No. 10, Monarch)
Media sizes, custom Multipurpose Tray 1: 3 x 5 to 8.5 x 14 in; Trays 2 and 3: 5.8 x 8.3 to 8.5 x 14 in
Media weight, recommended 20 lb
Media types Paper (plain, preprinted, letterhead, prepunched, bond, recycled, color, rough), transparencies, labels, envelopes, cardstock, user-defined
Memory, std. 80 MB
Memory, max. 512 MB
Memory slots Two 100-pin DDR DIMM slots, two open industry-standard CompactFlash slots
Hard disk Optional, HP High-performance EIO Hard Disk (20 GB)
Print languages, std. HP PCL 6, HP PCL 5e, HP Postscript Level 3 emulation, direct PDF (v 1.3) printing (with at least 128 MB printer memory)
Connectivity, std. Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port, IEEE 1284-B compliant parallel port, 2 open EIO slots, HP Jetdirect Fast Ethernet Embedded Print Server
Connectivity, opt. HP Jetdirect EIO internal print servers, HP Jetdirect external print servers, HP wireless print servers, HP Jetdirect EIO conectivity card for USB/serial/LocalTalk, Bluetooth wireless
Print drivers, std. HP PCL 6, HP PCL 5e, HP PostScript Level 3 emulation, HP GL/2




This is a premium quality Hewlett Packard Made in the USA product Q5942x print cartridge with the chip that communicates with the printer, that's 100% guaranteed to perform as well as the HP brand cartridge - at a fraction of the cost.

Many competitors sell cheap refilled cartridges or chinese made prodducts - which do not have the chip, tend to have a high failure rate, print poorly and can leak (which is why we don't sell them).

Our premium quality HP Q5942A / Q5942x Reman cartridge will not void your machine's warranty and is backed by a 100% quality and satisfaction

Michigan Printer Repair
Severe Noise or Rumbling sound from the back of the printer

is common for the hp 4200 laserjet 4300 and laserjet 4250 and laserjet 4350 
These are photos showing the repair of the fixing drive gear assembly
in severe cases the printer requires complete tear down to install the new assembly
Sometimes just replacing the gear and shim takes care of the problem
this is located just behind the fuser you can see the black gear that wears

Severe cases require the whole printer to be disassembled as shown below in order to replace
the complete fixing drive gear assembly Michigan Printer may have the printer brought in house for this repair due to the amount of work involved. Sometimes its not convenient to do this type of repair in a office enviroment
for the customer and our Technicians.

HP LaserJet 4200, 4300, 4240, 4250 and 4350 Series Printers - How to Troubleshoot 13.20 Paper Jam Errors


A 13.20 error can occur on power up when the printer thinks paper is still stuck in the paper path. This error can occur if paper is stuck in the path holding down one of the paper path sensors. The error can also occur if one of the sensor flags is stuck in a down position.
  NOTE: A sensor flag is a lever that moves as the paper passes and blocks or unblocks the actual optical sensor.
This can also be a false jam, in some cases no paper is found in the path; but the error condition is created due to a stuck sensor flag or in some cases a faulty sensor.
  NOTE: At initial power on, if the printer fails to initialize the main drive assembly (main motor) focus on the fuser area of printer. If you do get main motor initialization, then focus needs to be on the top of page and pre-feed sensors.
13.20 Troubleshooting Instructions
  1. Inspect the entire paper path for a stuck piece of paper or obstruction. Sometimes paper will jam and part of the page may rip off and be left inside the printer.
  2. Locate the pre-feed sensor and look for a paper jam. Open the top cover, remove the toner cartridge, pull out the plastic block (with #4 on it), press down on the part with the #5 on it, this opens up the paper path so you can see the path that paper takes when coming from the lower trays (See Figures 1 and 2). Look down into the paper path. The flag for pre-feed sensor is off center to the left (See Figure 3). Paper will often tear off and be stuck in this area, look for small scraps of paper.
    Figure 1: Detail showing location of removable plastic piece #4 and push down plastic piece #5
    Figure 2: Detail showing pushing down of plastic piece #5 to aid in paper clean out and locating pre-feed sensor flag
    Figure 3: Detail showing location of pre-feed sensor flag
  3. See if the pre-feed sensor flag is moving properly. To do this, you can “floss�? the paper path with a folded up sheet of paper to see if the flag moves freely. Remove tray 2. Take a piece of letter sized paper and fold it in half lengthwise twice. Push the paper up from below in between the 2 white paper guides (See Figures 4 and 5). Make sure you have removed the plastic block (with #4 on it) and are pushing down on the #5. If done correctly you can typically see the pre-feed sensor flag move when pushing paper up through the path. The thing to look for is to make sure the sensor flag is not stuck, moves freely and snaps back.
    Figure 4: Detail showing “flossing�? of the paper path to see if pre-feed sensor flag is moving properly
    Figure 5: Detail showing “flossing�? of the paper path. Check to see that pre-feed sensor flag is moving and snapping back in place
  4. Locate the top of page sensor and see if it is moving freely. Open the top cover and remove the toner cartridge. Lift up on the green lever attached to the black metal plate. This allows us to view the paper width sensor(s) and the registration assembly (See Figure 6). Pull back on the registration plate; this is the silver metal piece with 4 black plastic knobs on it. The sensor flag for the top of page sensor is in the middle and almost directly under the registration roller. The sensor flag is difficult to see as it is directly in the middle underneath the white plastic rollers. Make sure this flag is moving and snaps back.
  5. Locate the paper width sensor and make sure it is moving freely. The flag for the paper width sensor is to the left under the same black metal plate as above (See Figure 6). Make sure this sensor flag moves freely and snaps back.(See Figure 6).
      NOTE: On the LaserJet 4240, 4250, and 4350 printers there is an additional width sensor on the right side, make sure this sensor flag is moving as well. The LaserJet 4200/4300 printers do not have a right paper width sensor.
    Figure 6: Detail showing location of top of page sensor flag, left width sensor flag, and right width sensor flag
    1 - Left Width Sensor
    2 - Top of Page Sensor
    3 - Right Width Sensor Flag
  6. Locate the fuser sensor and check for jams or possible paper scraps stuck in the fuser. Remove the rear cover
    Figure 7: Detail showing the location of the fuser delivery sensor flag
    CAUTION: The fuser may be hot, handle with care or let cool before handling.
  7. If a problem is found with the pre-feed sensor flag getting stuck or not snapping back, please contact your local service provider 
    Michigan Printer Repair

    Compatible Printers for the HP Q5942A 
    HP LaserJet 4240n Monochrome Printer (Q7785A#ABA)
    HP LaserJet 4240n Monochrome Printer, Refurbished (Q7785AR#ABA)
    HP LaserJet 4250 Certified Refurbished Printer (Q5400A-CR)
    HP LaserJet 4250 Certified Refurbished Printer Bundle (Q5400A-CRBN)
    HP LaserJet 4250 Monochrome Printer (Q5400A#ABA)
    HP LaserJet 4250 Printer, 220V (Q5400A#AK2)
    HP LaserJet 4250 with 3 Year On Site Warranty (Q5400A#ABA-BNDL)
    HP LaserJet 4250dtn Certified Refurbished Printer (Q5403A-CR)
    HP LaserJet 4250dtn Certified Refurbished Printer Bundle (Q5403A-CRBN)
    HP LaserJet 4250dtn Monochrome Printer (Q5403A#ABA)
    HP LaserJet 4250dtnsl (Q5404A)
    HP LaserJet 4250n Certified Refurbished Printer (Q5401A-CR)
    HP LaserJet 4250n Certified Refurbished Printer Bundle (Q5401A-CRBN)
    HP LaserJet 4250n Monochrome Printer (Q5401A#ABA)
    HP LaserJet 4250n Monochrome Printer, 230V (Q5401A#AK2)
    HP LaserJet 4250n Printer with 3 Year On Site Warranty (Q5401A#ABA-BNDL)
    HP LaserJet 4250n Printer, Refurbished (Q5401AR#ABA)
    HP LaserJet 4250tn (Q5402A#ABA)
    HP LaserJet 4250tn Certified Refurbished Printer (Q5402A-CR)
    HP LaserJet 4250tn Certified Refurbished Printer Bundle (Q5402A-CRBN)
    HP LaserJet 4250tn Refurbished (PCW-Q5402AR#ABA)
    HP LaserJet 4350dtn (Q5409A)
    HP LaserJet 4350dtn Certified Refurbished Printer (Q5409A-CR)
    HP LaserJet 4350dtn Certified Refurbished Printer Bundle (Q5409A-CRBN)
    HP LaserJet 4350dtn Laser Printer Refurbished (PCW-Q5409AR#ABA)
    HP LaserJet 4350dtn with 3 Year On Site Warranty (Q5409A#ABA-BNDL)
    HP LaserJet 4350dtnsl (Q5410A)
    HP LaserJet 4350n (Q5407A)
    HP LaserJet 4350n Certified Refurbished Printer (Q5407A-CR)
    HP LaserJet 4350n Certified Refurbished Printer Bundle (Q5407A-CRBN)
    HP LaserJet 4350n Monochrome Printer, 230V (Q5407A#AK2)
    HP LaserJet 4350n Printer, Refurbished (Q5407AR#ABA)
    HP LaserJet 4350tn (Q5408A#ABA)
    HP LaserJet 4350tn Certified Refurbished Printer (Q5408A-CR)
    HP LaserJet 4350tn Certified Refurbished Printer Bundle (Q5408A-CRBN)
    HP LaserJet 4350tn Printer with 3 Year On Site Warranty (Q5408A#ABA-BNDL)