Cool Printers

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 Michigan Printer

I had a lot of fun creating these back in 2005 I first tried this in 1999 and gave up on the idea but returned a few years later to perfect it. I do however have a couple of photo's of my first creations. The goal was to take old printers and make a works of art out of them we never really marketed the idea but we made quit a few. As you can see below how the printers would arrive, we would carefully rebuild them to perfect working order and then apply the tricky paint jobs and a graphic package, this was a great project and fun we learned alot about plastic and what we were capable of doing, alot of trial by error.
To create something like this would cost around $500.00 to $1500.00
depending on the model of printer we use.

We thought these would be great for companies in reception area's or trade shows and sports lovers.
Somebody that thought he or she had everything.

The Paint and graphics on these Printers is Flawless when done...

Warning: Pictures are the property of Michigan Printer

You can see how the printer would arrive in rough shape in picture below our technicians would rebuild these printers to like NEW there not just for show these works of art make a nice office printer and keep printers out of the land fills.

This pic below shows the breakdown of the printers and getting
there paint jobs this was the tricky part that i had a hard time with in the years prior but we perfected the problems.

No part was ignored with these, we painted all the
small detail parts to really make them look over the top.


 Here are some photo's of the 1999 versions, they are kinda of sad looking
but the concept was there and I just needed to figure out how to make
them look high quality I tried a lot of different things and paints I also tried theme
printers with a nascar look I became exhausted and gave it up for a while.
kind of funny to look at them now I think my camera then was a brand new
2.0 mega pixel that I just bought.