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Michigan Printer Repair #1 hp Service

Words of Advice


Maintain job security, I cant guarantee you will be elected as the next chairmen of the company but I will say this you save
Your current employer money and he or she we’ll remember
Your name for sure.
Your Boss is scared of you…. Believe it.
Now I will tell all of you IT people out there a little secret your Boss is scared of you, the behind the door secret here it is
Every business owner knows that IT depts DONT make money you may argue this but its fact your department Does not generate any revenue, zero.
 you spend money and lots of it. Your about the only people in the office who have the abilityTo truly make your Boss scared, Hey the poor guy doesn’t
Know anything about technology he just keeps being asked for more money he doesn’t understand why they need to send microsoft a check for thousands for licenses 
This poor guy has to now go to the same people that told him in a meeting the day before that spending is on a freeze until
The following fiscal quarter.  
he figures the 350 computers That cost the company $200,000 he got for you 4 years ago work fine and the printers,
well 30 out of 45 still working that’s pretty good in his book,
And he’s going remind you every chance he gets how that purchase still has its effects on the companies budget.
keep in mind cutting cost on printing and support can be easy
if you do it correctly you can save the company tremendous amounts of money.

A easy way to start is by evaluating how much paper you purchase a month this is easier then running around grabbing page counts on all your printer especially if you have a large printer fleet.
After you find out how much paper is being purchsed this gives you a pretty good idea of what your monthly printing volume is, lets say for example your company purchases 10 cases of paper per month this is 50,000 sheets.

Lets say you have 5 laserjet 4250 printers consuming this volume if your using hp genuine toners typically your paying 1.2 cents per output on average this equals 600.00
per month spent on toner alone the average hp laserjet requires service every 200,000 pages on maintenance intervals this means that you will average at least 3 service calls per year requiring maintenance kits. at average cost of genuine hp products of 300.00 per kit this total is 7,200 per year on toner and 900.00 per year on service $8,100.00 per year for total printing cost.

Now lets run a high quality Michigan Printer Toner cartridge at .05 cents per output and purchase your own maintenance kits which are widely available for half the cost and now you just reduced your printing cost by over 4,500.00

You could purchase 3 new printers with the savings alone in 1 year
the misconception that compatible toner is going to mess up my printer is just a
old school rumor, you could pay for a proffesional service company to come out once a month for 90.00 per visit to clean and vacuum all your printers and you would still be above $3000.00 per year a head of the game.