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Michigan Printer Repair #1 hp Service


This article is based on my experience.

Print or Fleet Management is it a good idea or bad idea ?

Fleet or print Management was created as a sales tactic to target office mangers and
remove the IT depts from the burden of printer related issues.

Its simple office managers have always taken care of the copiers and they are use to copier language
such as service contracts and click charges.
 IT depts handle the printers service and repair needs.

The sale is simple pay one price per output and we will supply all toner and service
Your IT dept will be free of printer related issues.

Guess what the the IT dept still identifies the printer service problem
 Does some troubleshooting
IT still puts the service call in to the support company.

The key to the program is to purchase low cost toner to increase cost per output profit
its that simple I have yet to see a fleet management program using Genuine hp toners.

True Story

I actually spoke with a company that said the repair man will come out once a week and inspect and run test pages from all there printers to check them, The customer thought this was great and complimented on how responsible the repair company was. I asked how many test prints does the man run another lady spoke up quickly and said about 50 on her printer alone and she said how great the repair technician is.. 
I was amazed that the customer didnt pick up on this.
This company has been coming out once a week for 18 printers and running 50 pages per printer this ads up to 3,600 extra pay per outputs per month at 2 cents per output and 8 cents on the color lasers he ads $150.00 to his invoice monthly with this weekly checkup.
$1800.00 per year WASTED

Any of the big copier companies such as Ricoh Toshiba Xerox Canon
DO NOT charge when the technician is on site making a service call and using the
 device to make copies because they understand the customer is paying per output so they
credit the customer on pay per clicks 
when the technician is using the equipment to check or repair so
no technicain made copies are billed.

Unfortunately I couldnt get the customer to understand whats wrong with this situation..

However I do like the fleet or print management for printer rotation this allows the it dept. to determine which printers have more use and higher page counts as printers get older printer reliability becomes
a concern but if the it dept is using hp webjet admin software you can still view all pertaining devices on the network and accomplish the same task of viewing printer pagecounts and toner usage. 

Stay clear of fleet management and be responsible for your own printing needs
If you are interested in the benefits such as page counts , toner levels, maintenance kit cycles and printer mapping similiar to fleet or print management you can buy software that does the same thing and can be implemented by your own it dept for under 100.00 remember hp designed this technology and has had it available for printers and printservers for a long time it has just recently become a new wave of
selling as a better way to manage your printers and cost.

Purchase your own toner and pick a good service company and you will be financially better off.
unless you have 200 printers and a IT staff of 3 people..