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hp has always been a leader in green earth concerns

HP helps you recycle your print cartridges - it's easy and free with the HP Planet Partners program
Just drop it in the mail
Hp offers pre-addressed, postage-paid recycling envelopes, labels and bulk collection boxes at for many Original HP print cartridges.2
Just drop it off
HP now offers a free HP toner and ink cartridge recycling return option through authorized retail locations, including more than 1500 Staples locations nationwide. Just look for the HP Authorized recycling location logo.

No chance it will end up in the landfill

All HP toner and ink cartridges recycled through HP Planet Partners go through a multi-phase recycling process where they are reduced to raw materials that can then be used to make new metal and plastic products such as HP cartridges, auto parts, roof tiles, microchip processing trays and parts of some HP products, or they are recovered for energy.

Leading the way in ink and toner cartridge recycling

As of December 2008, 265 million HP LaserJet and HP inkjet print cartridges have been returned and recycled worldwide since the HP Planet Partners program began in 1991, representing a weight of more than 343 million pounds. HP recycled 46.2 million pounds of HP print cartridges in 2008 alone!

Engineered to use recycled material

HP LaserJet and inkjet print cartridges have been engineered to use recycled plastic and still meet demanding standards for quality and reliability.
•  In 2008, HP used 12.9 million pounds of recycled plastic as raw material in the manufacturing of Original HP print cartridges, keeping more than 320 tractor trailer loads of plastic from going into landfills.3
•  HP has developed a process that combines recycled inkjet cartridge material with recycled water bottles to create new Original HP inkjet cartridges.
•  HP uses recycled materials extensively in packaging, including recycled content paperboard, corrugated cardboard and recycled plastic.

Remanufactured doesn't necessarily mean environmentally friendly

HP has been recognized for its comprehensive environmental reporting. In contrast, printing industry research firm InfoTrends found that remanufacturers, despite environmental posturing, provide little if any public reporting about their environmental management practices.4
The report states, "Transparent and public reporting of environmental performance was not available from any of the remanufacturers that we surveyed."4
If you buy an Original HP LaserJet print cartridge and recycle it through HP's Planet Partners program, you can rest assured that it will be recycled responsibly; there's no chance it will end up in the landfill.1

Recycle more than your cartridges

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