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Do I need a printer that has Postscript ?

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Do I Need PostScript?

Developed by Adobe, a leader in desktop publishing applications, PostScript technology 3  is often called the language of desktop publishing. Its strength is in its ability to handle the often complex text and graphics typical in graphic design and desktop publishing.

If you do little more than type business letters, draw simple graphs, or print photographs, you may not need the power of PostScript. For simple text and graphics your non-PostScript printer driver may be sufficient for turning your documents into raster images. Otherwise, PostScript — specifically a PostScript-capable printer — is a good investment for most desktop publishers. Some types of text and graphics simply "look better" printed with PostScript. Or, as Adobe says on its Web site, "Adobe PostScript translates your great ideas into print — exactly as you intended."

Commercial printers speak PostScript, making it a common language for sending digital files. Due to its complexity, creating PostScript files can be tricky for the novice but it is a worthwhile skill to master. If you don't have a PostScript printer, troubleshooting any PostScript files you create becomes trickier. (Portable Document Format) is a file format based on the PostScript language and is increasingly used for submitting digital files for printing. With or without a PostScript printer, a basic understanding of the PostScript language is useful when creating and working with PDF.

Additionally, one of the two primary graphics formats used in desktop publishing is EPS. (Encapsulated PostScript) is a form of PostScript. You'll need a PostScript printer to print EPS images.

If you need a PostScript printer but can't afford one there are some options available to you. Programs such as GhostScript and PowerRIP provide varying degrees of PostScript capability to non-PostScript laser and inkjet printers. There are also programs such as GoScript that convert PostScript files or other formats so you can view them on-screen.

Bottomline: If you are a professional desktop publisher or graphic designer who works with  graphic arts you will probably need to know and use PostScript. If you create complex documents containing both text and graphics, PostScript may give you better printed results even from a desktop printer. Having a PostScript-capable desktop printer can make your work easier by allowing you to print PostScript and EPS and proof work to be sent out. If most of your final output is done on your desktop printer and you have a printer that works in both PCL and PostScript mode,

If you are looking to upgrade a older printer Michigan Printer Repair can help by installing a postscript chip
newer models of hp laserjet printers include postscipt already on board.