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Michigan Printer Repair #1 hp Service

Lexmark Printer Repair Michigan
Michigan Printer Repair can repair your Lexmark Printer

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We Respond Within Minutes
With Service Pricing 7 Days A Week...

Lexmark Laser and Color Laser printer Repair
Looking For a company in Michigan That can service your Lexmark Printer
On-site Lexmark Printer Repair or Depot Center for Lexmark Service

We provide lexmark fusers, lexmark rollers and lexmark toner and ink supplies 
for repair services other lexmark services available.
 on-site or walkin pickup, lexmark service is our top priority. Michigan printer has  provided on-site service in Macomb Wayne and Oakland counties in Michigan. lexmark Laser Printer troubleshooting over the phone

Pharmacy's using Lexmark laser printers we can help.
Michigan Printer Repair has helped many indepedent pharmacies with there Lexmark
printer issues and we are very familiar with the software and criteria involved with
making sure your up and running.

Below is a photo of a Lexmark T644 Fuser
that has went way beyond its life, as you can see the fuser roller has no teflon coating left the customers complaint was very Poor Print Quality.
Warning: This picture is the property of Michigan Printer

Lexmark Fuser Prices
Lexmark Optra S series
1200-1600-1800-2400 $149.00

Lexmark Optra T 520-T616
Optra T520-522-610-612-614-616 $149.00

Lexmark Optra T 630-632 Series
T630-T632 $165.00

Optra T640-T644
T640-T642-T644 $185.00

We answer all emails up to 10:00pm 7 days a week

We Repair inkjet printers by Lexmark
as low as $45.00
"Paper Jams"
"Copy Quality"

We repair all Lexmark Ink jet printers
Officejet inkjet deskjet photo printers we can help.