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Michigan Printer Repair #1 hp Service

Michigan Printer Repair

Back in the early days of inkjet printers I had a big fascination
with page counts on ink cartridges prior to the printer manufacturers
telling you what ink yield was or allowing printers to give page counts.

I created this back in 2003 I just recently found a couple of my first prototypes and had to
put them out on the site The idea was you could mount this on a printer and create a device that
would give you accurate page counts per ink cartridge basically determine page yield. 

I never did anything with it but it was fun to make I made about 10 total the final models
had an adjustable mounting bracket to fit any printer I used a micro cal 4 digit lcd display
that worked great.
I later used this technolgy in hp fuser assemblies without the display
and tapping into hp's wiring harness and using memory
giving fuser re-manufacturers the ability to check page counts for warranty purposes. 
the cost would have been to much per unit to make it to market.

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