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Back in the early days of being a (hp) Authorized Repair Center
We started getting customers asking for rollers and separation pads basically the easy install
parts that generated 80% of all Laserjet printer service calls.

I created these back in 2003  I just recently found some pics The idea was assemble a pre-made package and include all the parts and rollers that a person or IT dept would need in repairing the common paper jam problems this picture is a photo that was taken with 9 separate packaging displays that we were deciding which one graphically we liked the best, these covered 6 different models of hp laserjet printers. the containers were engineered and blow molded to our spec to hold the rollers perfectly and hang on a display hook for retail purposes.
This project was alot of fun and the customers loved them.
Since 2003 many companies have come out with similiar products we no longer produce these.
The final choice was the top right container.

Below is a retail display of our paper jam kits that were available in a local
computer supply store