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Michigan Printer Repair #1 hp Service

Michigan Printer Repair

Warning: All Pictures And Logos Are The Property
Of Michigan Printer Repair

Genuine (hp) Parts vs Knock Offs
Rollers & Fusers

Knowing the difference between Genuine replacement parts
and 3rd party knock Off's Michigan Printer puts the parts to the test.

Feed Rollers are the most common reason for service calls "Paper Jams" 
and the roller business is good you have multiple companies making replacement 3rd party duplicate parts to replace the Genuine or OEM's and we tested a few of these and found that 66% of the aftermarket rollers came up short on quality.

We took into consideration the average printer separation roller lasts approx 60-80k pages this we know from plenty of field experience
(hp) may disagree but this is a fact based on the hp laserjets 4000/4100/4200/4250/4350/p4015 series printers this holds true.

We purchased a variety of aftermarket rollers from 5 of the largest US Printer Parts companies and we found that 3 out of the 5 companies were selling the same
KNOCK OFF rollers so this left us with 3 rollers to test from 3 different manfacturers and we believe to be all NON-US products.

1) Exampled the hp RF5-1885 KNOCK OFF Separation Roller
(hp) sells this roller for $4.50 new
Average street price for Knock Off Roller $1.50 - $3.00

2) Exampled the RM1-0037 KNOCK OFF Separation Roller
(hp) sells this roller for $12.00 to 15.00 new
Average street price for Knock Off Roller $2.75 - $7.00

NOTE: We Are Not A Testing Lab

We found the 3rd party rollers to only last half the duration of a Genuine hp Roller
in most cases we found that in one of the rollers the plastic hub wasnt even molded correctly and the shaft locking latch was terrible which gave a vibration and uneven wear almost like a car tire that was out of balance we also noticed that the 2 of the 3 lower quality rollers had less tread on them compared to the OEM hp roller right out of the packaging and had a weight factor that was less then the hp Genuine rollers.
 However 1 of the aftermarket companies rollers was impressively high quality these rollers had outstanding quality in the plastic hub and rubber tread and longevity when we lathed the rollers under a weighted bar to accelerat the wear process actually I believe these rollers may even be equal or better then the hp genuine product for all we know this may be the company producing the rollers for hp
but selling in the wholesale arena of aftermarket parts channels.

I will be posting the names of companies I feel to be trusted with quality products.

(hp) Genuine rollers are consistent in quality were the 3rd party rollers
or Knock Off's are just to risky if you dont know what your buying and the small savings may seem justified when purchasing but the after effect will wind up costing you more with a possible service call and or purchasing more of the same product that should have lasted longer the first time.

Warning: All Pictures Are The Property Of Michigan Printer Repair

Warning: All Pictures Are The Property Of Michigan Printer Repair